Panda Show Internacional Media Kit

El Panda Show Internacional © has been for almost 20 years Mexico's favorite radio prank show. Hosted live everynight by José Antonio "El Panda" Zambrano.

José Antonio Zambrano was born in San Pedro de los Pinos, a traditional neighborhood in CDMX (Mexico's city newest name) becoming Mexico's favorite DJ and on-air personality for the last 20 years. "El Panda Show Internacional ©" gets calls from all over Mexico and the Unided States. The callers explain on-air the role they want "El Panda" to play.

"El Panda" usually becomes prank's main actor, but the most important factor is to have fun together. El Panda's most famous characters are: Mexican corrupt police officer, gay man, caller's lover or an important executive i.e. record company producer that offers a juicy contract to an undiscovered teen talent.

Panda Show Internacional Geographic Segmentation

This has proven to be the most successful formula among hispanic market, specially in Mexico City,... Mexico's largest metropolitan area. Embracing cultural diversity, during a regular "El Panda Show Internacional ©" broadcast, people from Mexico, United States, Argentina, Canada or Brazil (to name a few), can be heard.

The typical prank can last from 10 to 30 minutes, but sometimes as much as 1 1/2 hour ones can be heard. Since it's a live show, nobody knows exactly what's going to happen, making this, part of the main attraction of the show.

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